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Designs that capture beauty, Jewellery that celebrates occasion Watches that enthrall hearts…

It all started nearly 50 years ago
Back in the day, the shop that would one day be a celebrated brand named D-Star, opened in South Mumbai and made heads turn. Since that day, this family owned business has never looked back.
We are now known for all things diamond.
Everything you can think of creating with jewels and gems, you name it and D-Star makes it! Our exotic diamond collection is available in gold and silver. Along with dainty jewellery like bracelets, necklace, earrings and pendants, the brand also has a timeless watch collection that appeals to the hearts of many.

At D-Star

At D-Star, we take tremendous pride in offering an unparallel and authentic experience to all our customers. Right from offering choices and ranges to assisting the customer and from finding the right ornament to offering guarantee, we do it all.

We take every customer’s unique needs, choices and preferences into consideration. Our representatives are highly trained professionals who can assist our customers with their extensive knowledge on jewels and gems. D-Star offers an experience at par and strives to deliver excellence constantly.

Our Collection

Our collection, in simple words, offers people across the globe with a celebratory moment for their stories. D-Star offers its customers a universe of hand-finished, high quality, designer jewellery and watches, to inspire the wearer and bring out their individuality.

We take pride in offering a personal collection of hand-crafted jewellery and watches, for those special moments of every individual. Celebrate your special moments with D-Star’s collection and make those memories unforgettable today!

Products, People and Environment

At D-Star, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure authenticity and quality which complies to our ethical standards. We believe that responsible business practices and our aspiration to offer excellent quality and affordable products go hand-in-hand.

We are committed to developing products in a responsible manner and thrive to work towards minimizing our environmental impact on the planet.

D-Star Defining the Logo

The Symbol

The symbol for D-Star Jewellery and Watches Pvt. Ltd. attempts at explaining the company, the brand and its products. A capital alphabet D is seen in a dainty emerald blue hue, with a stretched white star behind it. A simple and symbolic frontal diamond is sitting atop this initial, with a mix of the both the previous hues.


Diamonds are forever.
With this Logo, D-Star aims at creating an image of elegance and simplicity, with subdued sophistication. While the simple white star shows the elegance of the jewellery, the bold D in the front is what stands for flair and sophistication that the brand offers its customers.

The D ends in a leaf like pattern, which says a lot about the intricate art and designs that the jewellery and watches this brand innovates. To top it of, the symbol has a perfect sharp and simple diamond atop. Apart from its direct relevance to the brand and its products, the color combination of silver and blue makes it stand out.

Blue stands for the elegant and royal appeal that D-Star’s collection portrays and Silver is the balancing hue that offers the simple and subdued edge to the same.

D-Star aims at making their logo seem delicate but makes sure that its relevance to the product range and the brand itself is very evidently created.

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